Langfang Sincep Special Equipment Co.Ltd has been constantly refining its quality, health and environmental safety, which should be taken as the lifeline for its development since its founding. Adhering to the innovative technology, integrity services; people-oriented, prevention-based, comprehensive management, environmental improvement, health protection, scientific management, sustainable development approach. Achieve annual inspection of all products, product sales training pass rate of 100%, full training rate of 85%, customer satisfaction rate of more than 90%. Technical service acceptance rate of 100%; the pursuit of no injury, no pollution, no accidents, in quality, occupational health, safety and environmental management to achieve the domestic advanced level with the industry's QESH management objectives.

Sincep QHSE policy:

1.our primary goal is to ensure personal health and life

2.prevention and continuous improvement

3.Environmental protection is not only our responsibility

but also the basis of sustainable development.

4.he pursuit of people, nature and development harmoniously.

Sincep QHSE promises

Our QHSE management, which includes protecting our employees from injury, avoiding occupational diseases and creating a safe

working environment for our employees, will be crucial to our goal of becoming the Party's preferred contractor / supplier and good employer. The primary goal of the management is the

satisfactory management of QHSE, also the duty of every

employee in our company as well. We, the management team of

Sincep Pledge,promise to achieve the excellent management of

QHSE in thedaily business and production work with the highest

working standard.

QHSE management system certification
emergency exercise
The company organized fire drill drills, staff awareness of
safety has improved, the fire safety knowledge to have a
better understanding. The emergency response capability has been improved. Most employees in the exercise site
can effectively organize and quickly respond to the fire
alarm. Most of the rescue team leaders can effectively
organize the members of the group to evacuate, alert and put out fire-fighting operations. It is a certain increase in
emergencies of the future.
The main task of our company's environmental protection: relying on scientific and technological progress in the
control of production wastewater, as well as closed-loop
production waste water, comprehensive utilization of
waste residue, dust control, prevention and control of
environmental pollution, the development of clean
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